New Home Construction

Have you ever considered having your dream home built or buying directly from a builder? Stop and consider that despite builders having their own in-house lenders, contractors, and inspectors, buying a home without your own representation could be a costly mistake.

Contract errors that aren’t in your favor, delayed closings, leaving money on the table in sales price negotiations, and missed opportunities for upgrades are all examples of why you should engage an agent before entering a builders sale’s office.

Here are 3 reasons you should hire a professional real estate agent to represent you.

1) Advice and Opinion: Two of the most important and valuable reasons to engage an agent before buying directly from a builder is their advice and opinion. Any home buying endeavor can be filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and lots of opportunities for things to go sideways. Buying directly from a builder is no different. A professional real estate agent can help you navigate through all the pitfalls that can arise during the home buying and building process. Lot selection, upgrade selections for resale value, inspections, and home plan selection are just a few of the consideration an agent can help you through.

2) Preferred Vendors: A builder will likely have their own preferred vendors including sub-contractors for work outside the scope of what the builder provides such as audio/visual installation, landscaping and sprinklers, etc. as well as their own preferred mortgage lender or title company, however they may not be the best option or offer the best value for you. A real estate professional will have their own vendors and affiliates that they know and trust that you can use to comparison shop to get the best value for you.

3) Expert Negotiations: Despite what they say builder pricing isn’t always set in stone and a professional real estate agent is a trained and skilled negotiator who can potentially help you get a price reduction and or a few extra upgrades thrown in.

By hiring an agent you gain an advocate to fight for you and your best interest from the very first meeting through the day of closing and beyond.

If you are interested in purchasing a new construction home and would like a list of builders in your area or would like to learn more about the new home buying process or are interested in finding the perfect lot to build your dream home on, get in touch with us today. We are here to help!


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