Are you considering taking advantage of this unprecedented, ridiculously hot seller’s market by listing your home? Wait!! The time might not be right for you. Don’t do anything until you have read this.

Top 3 Reasons to NOT List Your Home:

  1. You feel such an unfair advantage in this unprecedented seller’s market that it is almost like cheating, and you are NOT a cheater. With so few homes on the market right now, yours very well could sell within 24 hours and above asking price with multiple bids. If this feels like a participation trophy to you and not an actual victory you fought and sweat for, you should probably wait until more homes come on the market. As real estate trends always shift back and forth between a seller’s market and a buyer’s market, just sit tight. Soon enough you should have plenty of competition and then your home will not sell as fast or for as much money. Problem solved.
  2. The thought of multiple bids in a short amount of time seems overwhelming. How do you choose? What if you pick the wrong one? Who has time to sift through all that potential money being thrown your way?? If you are someone who prefers to have only one choice in things such as ice cream (vanilla), cable providers (Comcast), vacation spots (Florida), etc. so as to eliminate any potential disappointment associated with second guessing yourself, wait until there are more homes listed for sale. This way offers will only trickle in. Or instead of a trickle, maybe you’ll just get one. This will make it much easier on your conscience and you won’t lose sleep wondering if you picked the right one. Because you had only had one. Problem solved.
  3. You’re not a braggart or someone who has too high an opinion of themselves. And if your friends and family found out you sold your home for more than asking price (which is quite frequent in multiple bid scenarios), they may look at you differently. Should they refer to you as Sir or Madam now? Do they bow or just a slight curtsy as you enter the room? And let’s be honest, will they even want to hang out with you anymore? After all, you have shown an acumen on the genius scale when it comes to taking advantage of the real estate market and now they know you have made an even higher profit than imaginable which you can apply to the purchase of your next home. Which is REALLY nice by the way. That can be pretty intimidating to some. Avoid standing out. Blend in and list your home when everybody else does. Problem solved.

As a real estate professional, part of my job description is to solve problems for my clients. I offer the problem solving tips above to help with the decision of whether or not you should list your home right now. And I’m sure you have gathered they are tongue in cheek. We are representing a buyer who was recently one of 30 offers on a home over a 24 hours period. 30.

We have never seen a hotter seller’s market in my lifetime than we’re seeing right now. For the love of real estate, PLEASE call me if you’re unsure now is the time to list your home. Or I can save you that call and say YES. YES, NOW is a GREAT time to sell. So call me anyway. I look forward to serving you.

Holly Morris

The Meridian Real Estate Group with Keller Williams Realty

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