The kitchen is truly the heart of the home.   Today this is truer than ever, especially since most people have spent the past year living, working, and playing at home.  The kitchen has become the gathering place for the family and now again friends and guests as well.    This space more than just functional place now – it’s command central.

One of the biggest trends we are seeing is the open floor plan is now segueing to less of a public space.   Many new builds and renovations are including a way to delineate the space or even close it off, so that the kitchen is its own room with the opportunity to connect as much or as little as wanted at any given time.  Being all home together during Covid brought back the idea of needing individual spaces rather than one big open concept space.  The kitchen is no exception!

From a design perspective, we are seeing that kitchens are taking their cue from the more maximalism approach of design in general.  Their role is more than just function they are a part of the overall design aesthetic of the home.

White kitchens will always be classic, so have no fear that you need to rip out your white cabinets!  But they are not trending in most new kitchen designs.  Rich woods like walnut and oak are coming to the forefront, along with bold color for either an entire kitchen or the accent areas like islands, and bars.

The back kitchen or large pantry is a consistent request now.  These spaces allow for less or no upper cabinets, giving the kitchen more of a designed room look and less like a traditional kitchen.  Many small or secondary appliances are being moved to the back hidden areas.

Mixing materials are key when it comes to how the kitchen is pulled together.

Think of beautiful woods , natural stones, event plaster and concrete.  Metals are very strong showing up on hoods, door fronts and even fixtures.   They are not necessarily shiny any longer, we are now using more of a rich range of bronze finishes.   The solid surface plain countertops are out and are being replaced by bold, strong color and veining of some of the new Quartzite that have hit the market.  A whole house color scheme could come from some of these exciting stones.  They either replace a backsplash or set the tone for the tiles used and accent colors within the cabinetry.

The kitchen definitely reflects the personality and aesthetic of the homeowners today.  It is time to splurge on that light fixture that was reserved for the Dining Room in past times, and can now hang in all its glory over the island.

Tish Mills Kirk of Tish Mills Interiors, a preferred vendor of The Meridian Real Estate Group, is an award-winning interior designer who has been working with clients in their homes for more than two decades. She believes that it is essential to put together a cohesive plan for your home renovation before you get started that can be carried out by the team of experts you assemble.

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