The total transaction volume among apartment properties in Atlanta is on track to surpass last year’s numbers, revealing investors’ seemingly insatiable appetite for apartments in the Atlanta Market.

Every year since 2010 has experienced growth in transaction volume in the multifamily sector, and 2012 marked the first year that multifamily sales prevailed as the leading preference for investors.

So far this year, total sales volume is almost at $4.3 billion, compared to just $4.1 billion this time last year. In total, last year saw almost $7.5 billion worth of transactions – an all-time record for the metropolitan Atlanta area. On a trailing 12-month basis, Atlanta ranks third for the most sales volume, only behind New York and Los Angeles.

While apartments have proven more lucrative this expansion across the nation, properties of this cohort in Atlanta are especially enticing as rent growth remains strong and job growth holds comfortably above the national average.

In the chart below, each color corresponds with one of four property types and the amount of sales volume traded in that year. Blue Bars represent apartment complex sales.















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