As the daughter of a Veteran that never used his VA entitlement, it has become Lisa Bell’s passion to educate military and veterans about their benefits. She has spent over 20 years helping borrowers through every step of the loan process. She has worked with the Homes For Heroes program for over 10 years.  The home buying process is smooth and most often complete within 25 days.   The realtors and builders she partners with have said, “If Lisa can’t do the loan, no one can.” Her dedication, knowledge of the industry, and ability to think outside of the box makes her the right choice for any type of loan.

Types of Loans she has Expertise in:

  1. VA 100%  loans up to 1.5 million
  2. 95% up to 800,000 No Mortgage Insurance and 1.5 million with Mortgage Insurance.
  3. No appraisal or income documentation required in some instances.
  4. Self Employed with 1 year’s tax returns or bank statements programs.
  5. Program with no down payment programs.

Lisa Bell
Phone: 404-343-9264
Email: [email protected]