However, if you’re anxious to have an outdoor get-together with friends and families, the cold weather doesn’t need to stop you! Read below for some ideas on how you can still enjoy your outdoor space in the colder months.

Bring the Heat

If you’re inviting company over for an outdoor get-together, a heat source needs to be your first priority. A firepit or outdoor fireplace will not only keep your guests warm, it will also help bring some ambience to your outdoor space. And if it’s a new purchase, then you already have a great conversation piece (and an excuse for bringing guests over in the first place!) If you don’t have space for a firepit, or you’re looking for a more affordable option, don’t worry- a portable outdoor heater will be sufficient for most cold weather. You can also invest in some heat lamps to place above or near the seating area.

In addition to your heat source, make sure to decorate your outdoor living area with warm blankets (wool, fleece, or flannel will be your best options). Serving hot beverages such as coffee, hot cocoa, or tea will also help to keep your guests warmed up.

Furniture & Covering

To fully utilize your patio or garden during the winter months, you’ll want weather-resistant furniture. You’ll be more likely to enjoy your outdoor space if you don’t have to bring furniture out of storage every time you plan to use it. Materials such as teak and polyresin wicker are best for withstanding the elements, and should last for many winters. However, make sure to cover the furniture when you’re anticipating rain or snow to ensure the best longevity.

Bring out cushions and pillows when you’ll be spending time outside. Along with the blankets mentioned earlier, this will help make sure your guests are comfortable and cozy.

Light it Up

You may already have string lights, lanterns, or other outdoor lighting fixtures to decorate your patio or backyard during summer. These will be even more important in winter, since it will get darker much earlier. Paired with a firepit, the right lighting can provide your space with the perfect ambience for a small party or barbecue.

Don’t forget to add track lights or path markers if your guests will need to navigate through the yard or driveway. If you currently have your outdoor lights on a timer, you may need to adjust the timing for winter hours.

Outdoor Dining If you’ve been anxious to grill again, I have good news- you can fire up that grill in any season! If you often host barbecues during the summer, you may want to evaluate your usual menu and adjust for warmer, winter-appropriate selections (if necessary). To keep yourself warm when the grill top is down, consider investing in a heat lamp for the cooking area. While your guests are waiting for the main course, hand out some marshmallows and stickers to roast over the fire.

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