It seems natural to respond out of caution by locking things down during the crisis, but the experts from governments to media to the doctors have been saying “BE CLEAN” and if you use a  responsible house cleaning service it may actually help improve the home’s health.

Hygiene-Cleanliness-Sanitation…more important than ever before!

We are living by so many guidelines that basically discourage us from inviting people into our homes and this is the dilemma when deciding whether or not to bring a cleaner inside your home.

Of course we all want to prevent the virus from spreading by practicing all the health protocols, but disallowing a cleaner into your home is denying them the importance task of keeping your home clean. Now you have a Catch 22 situation.

At Maid in America you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we have trained to ensure every precaution is taken to provide our essential service responsibly and safely! This far outweighs the reasons NOT to hire a cleaner.

Since April 2020 cleaning services have been deemed essential!

When the original ‘Stay At Home Order’ was lifted it was replaced by the new guidance of economic recovery for championing health as well as physical distancing. Our Governor of Georgia aligned with the specifications laid out by the CDC and the White House.

There were health guidelines for businesses and customers with guidance that allowed for the partial resumption of operations. Many off these services, such as gyms, spas, and pools are actually far more invasive than inviting a cleaner into your house.

Still not convinced?  Read on…

Here is why hiring a cleaning is more important than ever before:

  1. Responsible-Safe-ProfessionalA cleaner offers a professional service and one that is critical in a time when it is particularly important to keep a hygienic environment for your family or the workers at your office. In a nutshell, an illness that affects most of the world and thrives off an unhygienic environment isn’t the time to be lax or skimp on keeping your home clean. While you might feel that you are perfectly capable of properly cleaning your home yourself, can you really do a better job than an experienced, trained professional?
  2. Take a breakAren’t we all exhausted? Of course you and I are just as everybody else because it is affecting so many aspects of life. So, why go through extra stress? Hiring a cleaner is one less thing on your plate.  Now, you will have more time to do the more important things in life that are fun and pleasurable, while having one less task on your list that is already long enough!

    Ahh… now you and your families health will be benefiting, plus you will sleep better knowing that your pro-activity will ensure the safety and well-being of those you love.

  3.  Your contribution to society mattersAs a responsible citizen, you can rest easy knowing that you are playing your role in fighting the spread of the virus.

    When we become more serious about our role in maintaining high levels of hygiene, the quicker the virus can be eliminated. All of us would like to put COVID-19 behind us as quickly as possible. This is definitely not the time for cutting corners with cleanliness.

    One person, one household CAN make a difference!  This is a collective effort by all of us to stomp this virus. While we have been advised to distance ourselves and stay indoors to beat the virus it is equally important to keep cleaners working to ensure professional hygiene levels. This is just as important as social distancing or isolating.

  4. Stop the spread of fear and pandemonium by letting common sense and responsible actions leadIt can be argued that you have given into the fear of the pandemic by cancelling your cleaning service. While people’s lives all over the world were forced to change drastically in 2020, hiding away in fear isn’t the solution. Don’t let fear and panic derail you from making a sensible decision.
  5. Social DistancingJust because you are welcoming a cleaner in your home does not automatically mean that you no longer have to practice social distancing. The simple fact is that you ARE social distancing anyway once you leave your house if you are a responsible citizen.

    Whenever the UPS comes to your door with a package, or when you run essential errands like going to the local grocery store, you should keep at least 6 feet away from other people. You should keep enforcing the same rules with the cleaner, too.  In fact, Maid in America will ask you to be in another room if you are home during the cleaning just to be extra safe.

  6. COVID-19 PrecautionsAcross the world, businesses and professionals are being forced to adapt to the crisis. That means that professional standards are being enforced by companies along with their staff that continue to interact with customers.  We are no exception and we take it seriously!

    Responsible, professional cleaning services will ensure that personal protective equipment is worn whenever a staff member is sent into somebody’s home. The cleaners will be wearing gloves and masks to add an additional layer of protection.

    The cleaning staff are also trained on how to clean your house professionally without risking infection or spreading it, keeping everything at a maximum level of sanitation, and reducing the risk to you and your family.

  7. Support your local businesses…RESPONSIBLYCOVID-19 has brought about uncertain times across the globe. Worries of job losses and income – especially  those in the domestic service industry.

    Whenever possible, please consider playing your role in supporting local businesses. Retaining the services provided by a cleaner is a great way to do this.

  8. You are at home moreThis means that you and your family have been using the house more. The kids have been home-schooled and you likely have been working from home. This alone is a good enough reason to ensure that you are on top of things with regards to getting your home professionally cleaned.
  9. Now that you are home more you can start ‘De-Cluttering’projects”Although this is a great time for de-cluttering it can create several hygiene issues. Stirring the dust on the long-forgotten clutter is a real issue not to mention extra trash which can be gross!  Now is the perfect time for a professional cleaner to clean up behind you.
  10. Professional ProductsA professional cleaning company typically uses commercial-grade, heavy-duty cleaning products that you may not have access to.  They most likely have disinfectants that are EPA registered.

    Maid in America has made sure to use the same botanical disinfectant that we have always used AND we are proud to say that it is on the EPA’s list!



Wear your masks whenever the cleaner is inside your home doing their job.

Make sure that hand sanitizer is always available.

Instruct other members of your household to stay out of the way. You want to ensure that the cleaner can do their job effectively. Ensure that you, your children, and any pets are somewhere else while they clean.

Manage your household to minimize the risk to both you and the cleaner. It will mean that the job is done better, faster, and everybody will have peace of mind during this worrying time.

Get Hiring

The key reasons for hiring a cleaner during the COVID-19 crisis should be clear: to keep your home hygienic, sterilized, and sanitized, and spotless.  Then of course, you have the benefit of enjoying more TIME to do the things you enjoy.

By our Preferred Vendor, Vicki Bates with Maid in America

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